nba finals

The National Basketball Association or NBA is the world’s most Famous Basketball Tournament featuring the best teams of the United States. Watch 2011 NBA Playoffs online for you to get updates as to which teams stands out among the rest. In the NBA, you can witness the most exciting stunts like the amazing lay-ups, slam dunks, rebounds, and three-point shots coming from the best basketball players in the whole wide world.

programme nba final 2011

31/05        Mavericks        vs.        Heat        –    21:00 (ET)

02/06        Mavericks        vs.        Heat        –    21:00 (ET)

05/06        Heat        vs.        Mavericks        –    20:00 (ET)

07/06        Heat        vs.        Mavericks        –    21:00 (ET)

09/06        Heat        vs.        Mavericks        –    21:00 (ET)

12/06        Mavericks        vs.        Heat        –    20:00 (ET)

14/06        Mavericks        vs.        Heat        –    21:00 (ET)

Watch online Know Regarder en directe maintenant 


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